EEVblog #624 – Mailbag

EEVblog2 2nd Youtube Channel:

And Engineers Guide To Solving Problems BOOK
A really crappy line tracer circuit patent
Geppetto Electronics LCDuino RGB backpack
TmpUSB temporary USB drive:
PIC Development Boards
Sony Mavica 3.5″ Floppy Drive Digital Camera
X-Core 16 Core 1000MIPS Analog Slice Kit:

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  1. The leaflet is from the german ministry of political education and wants to educate you about the elections for the european parliament. 🙂

  2. Will you still link interesting EEVBlog2 videos on your episodes page? I find that the easiest way to catch new and interesting videos…

    Darn, that book is still Amazon only if you want the ebook.

    The Mavicas were really popular. When they were sold, a 32MB (megabytes!) memory card cost around $200. A 10-pack of floppies cost … $10, less on sale. And you didn’t need a card reader. It died out when memory cards tumbled in price, but back when you were spending hundreds of dollars on a single memory card, the Mavicas made up their extra cost really quickly. Sure there were limitations (I think 6 photos per disk) but the convenience and cost meant they were really useful.

    LIvestreams are useless – everytime I check, it’s always dark and empty. 🙂

  3. The boy is 15 years old. I think it said so in the letter. I saw “I’m 15″…

  4. “Maveeka?”

    I always heard it as “Mahvika” growing up…

  5. I got one of those XCore startKITs from XMOS. I got it up & running OK, but pretty much hit a brick wall after that. The Eclipse-based IDE and the documentation/examples for the startKIT turn it into the “stopKIT”. What a shame. Please try your sliceKIT Dave and tell us how that goes. Thanks – David

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