EEVblog #629 – How To Design a Microphone Preamplifier

Part 7 of Microphone Technology with Doug Ford, former head designer at Rode Microphones.
This video Doug takes you through the design of the Rode NT3 and NT1000 microphone designs.
There is a ton of stuff in here:
Closed loop unity gain JFET and bipolar follow circuits.
Bootstrapping out miller capacitance.
JFET biasing.
How to eliminate expensive high value resistors.
How to add a bridged-T network to add marketing “pizazz” to a microphone.
How to stop oscillation in closed loop systems.
How to test and design closed loop systems for stability.
Dominate pole compensation.
Traps for young players in power amplifier stability.
How circuits with capacitive loads oscillate.
Emitter degeneration.
Parasitic inductances and their effects.
How to design a low noise and ultra high dynamic range valve based microphone preamplifier.
Microphone power supplies.
And how to design an amplified zener current source.

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