• EEVblog #631 – How To: Soniq LCD TV Repair – Part 2

    How to repair a Soniq L32V12A 32″ HD LCD TV
    Dave fixes this one in the nick of time, just before his mum was going to ask” where is my TV?!”
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      • kizzap

        if that connector was dodgy, could it have been that the inrush current, the fuse was seeing higher average currents, thus heating up and then blowing

      • RossMcK

        So Mrs Jones (Snr) should be happy again. Well done.

      • SpiderElectron

        The fuse type and rating is clearly marked in the solder resist on the board!

      • Johm

        That was instructive. I’ve always thought consumer stuff to be unrepairable but that’s another lesson on how to patiently check all possible failure modes until the bug’s caught. Yep, we’ve just broken the EEVBlog repair curse!

        BTW, thumbs up to throwing stuff out of the window and then recording repair videos.

      • tlhIngan

        Does using the multimeter’s low impedance function to discharge capacitors run the risk of blowing out the resistor? E.g., if the resistor was a 1K resistor, 200V would mean 200mA flows through the resistor. Can it handle that?

      • xalex

        What’s the brand/type of test probes do you use in this video?

      • sumit

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