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I’m sick of the old WordPress comment system. It’s hopeless, and there is now way too much spam.
So I have just installed the Disqus plugin that will hopefully be much better. You’ll be able to log into the comment using any existing social media account you have, and it should keep the spam away.
No previous WordPress comments will be lost, and they will be imported over.
But this will take some time, maybe a day or two. So don’t panic about seeing it say there are 20 comments, but no comments. They should come through eventually.

So you shouldn’t see too much of a difference, except that you should now have extra features in the comment system here on the blog site, and be able to follow threads and get notifications etc, attach images, and vote comments up and down etc. Huge improvement over wordpress.

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  1. Vasile Guta Ciucur

    Hi Dave,
    Regarding spam, you would have used Akismet (, even if that required having a little presentation blog on in order to get your Akismet key.. And there is also Spampoison (

  2. Well, so be it….everyone else uses disqus. Of course you do realize that makes it a huge target and its just a matter of time that disqus is seriously hacked.

  3. Heh. Well, Disqus works. I hated them the first year I’ve had to work with it, but they’ve been improving. Hopefully they’re diligent in protecting against hacks.

  4. Hello Earth calling is there anybody out there.

  5. Thank goodness you can still create a unique username without really using social media. If social media was a requirement, you wouldn’t ever see me posting.

  6. I am trying this with using social media

  7. This makes commenting my disgust of the new system super easy!
    Kidding ofcource!

  8. Well I’m glad it does not require a social media account, since except for Linkedin I don’t have any. Had to reset my password have not used Disqus for a long time.

    Our local newspaper used to use Disqus but changed a year or so back to require commentors log in via a social media account. That cut spam but also drastically reduced comments.

    Keyboard character echo is pretty slow but I assume that is because the server is on the other side of the world for those of us posting from the States.

    Hope this works out.

  9. Pock plock hust … test, test … ok … If you can read this here, it worked. 😉 And one more login on my endless list.

  10. Disqus correlates your commenting history across websites. If you leave a comment on *any* website that uses Disqus, they will know its you. This is as bad as Facebook’s stalking (shadow profiles) of people who do not have a Facebook account.

    If you care about privacy, please don’t use Disqus.

    • If you use the same email address to post comments across websites, then how can you complain about a service that is able to correlate those? You are the one who put the matching information out there.

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