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    EEVblog #1054 – How an Analog PC Joystick Works

    How does a PC read an old school analog joystick? It might be more interesting ...

    • Troy Simpson

      Well my dog which recently went blind growled at your voice whille watching but I liked the video, and managed to pacify my dog to your voice, so she now seems to approve =).

    • Thomas Grabowski

      I enjoy your site very much. I have been interested in electronics more than 50 years and still learn something new all the time. One criticism. You should have done a separate video on the thermometer and spent more time on the mail.

    • Steven Leibson


      Great video, as always. Those “bulk decoupling caps” on the Ampex core-memory board are most likely power/ground distribution bars. We frequently used those to avoid the expense of 4-layer boards, which came dear in the 1970s when this board was manufactured.


    • About the mat not being cut by the knife: Austrian knives are so wuss !

    • blipton

      What do you think of the FLIR TG165 over the cheaper Flir One for the smartphone?

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