EEVblog #675 – How To Reverse Engineer A Rigol DS1054Z

Dave shows you how to reverse engineering a PCB to get the schematic. In this case the new Rigol DS1054Z oscilloscope.
How does the discrete transistor analog front end and the software bandwidth limiting work?
How do you decode SMD transistor codes?
How does it compare to the old Rigol DS1052E?
Dave also discusses the low voltage ohms function of a mulitmeter, how it’s useful, and how to test your multimeter to see if it will have any issues with in-circuit testing.

DS1054Z Front End
DS1054Z Diff Amp
DS1052E Schematic

SMD codes
From Digikey

BAV199 Diode
Fujitsu FTR-B3 Relay
Cosmo solid state relay
TLV274 Precision Quad Opamp
AD5207 Digital POT

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Teardown Photos:

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