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  • Ron G

    A good workbench is a joy for life.

  • Chris

    As people in the youtube comments pointed out, the mention of the “memristor project” on the hidden white board is a bit interesting.

    It might be a matter of preference, but I would have wanted to mount the power strip/plug whatever on the side(s) for ease of access since the other location is right next to the wall.

    • hdavis

      It would have been funny if he had a drawing of a flux capacitor up there which he censored. Then we’d think he was building a time machine with his Sinclair.

  • Haus Of Richie( A+ )

    Here is a great workbench with a fantastic control board 😀 http://tehnikservice.net/2010/12/18/electronic-workbench-with-control-board/

  • Janusz

    Do not daisy-chain earth connections? What difference do a couple ohms(much less really) do, if you have a one-meg for every piece of equipment? There current and voltage-drops are so little, we can call it zero.

    • Kd4ttc

      I think I is a safety issue, so disconnecting one earth doesn’t disconnect all.

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