EEVblog #694 – Mailbag

Mailbag that’s not on a Monday, because Dave has been inundated with 35 packages!

Atlassian Swag Angry Nerds T-Shirt
And play Angry Nerds the game

Dave plays with his Rigol DSA815 spectrum analyser and some Tekbox TBPS01 EMC H-Field and E-Field Near-Field Probes for EMC pre-compliance:

Commodore Scientific Calculator Teardown
Philips FET VOM teardown

Help get Peter Murray back to college

Control Elliott Veares’s Christmas Lights using X10

EEVblog #548 – EMC Pre-Compliance Conducted Emissions Testing:

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    • Dave, whilst on the topic of Germanium transistors; as a former designer of video converters, yourself, you might appreciate this analogue TV standards converter designed in the early 1960s.

    • RJ

      Holland == The Netherlands. You’re not wrong on the history of ‘Holland’, but that was over 450 years ago. I’m pretty sure Philips wasn’t producing multimeters back then 🙂
      Nowadays the two are equivalent.

      • Yeah, but I thought the locals would prefer it wasn’t called Holland?

        • RJ

          I’m Dutch and I really don’t mind at all. I guess a few anally retentive people from ‘The Kingdom Of The Netherlands’ might complain but that hasn’t stopped you before, has it?zI mean, have you tried pronouncing ‘The Netherlands’ if you have a lisp or after a few beers? Give me Holland any time…

      • Holland != the Netherlands. The Netherlands are 12 province and Holland are only two province.

        • RJ

          See? 😀

    • Gehirndurchfall

      If you wonder about the green sheet sent by Christian Finger, that’s what he (and the fellows on calls an eel. It’s a running gag on the meetings (it’s like woodstock for crazy german engineers who want to gain world domination*) – at the fishmarket in hamburg there’s a guy called Aale-Dieter (eel-dieter) who often gives eels to customers for free. In last year’s christmas video they (on put stuff in present boxes and also put a lot of these green sheets in them and started to call them eels. From that point, they called everything that comes in masses (and nobody wanted it) – eels.

      *) another fun fact: if you searched for “Weltherrschaft” (world domination) on google some while ago, Fingers Welt was on top 1. But no worries, we’re mostly harmless 😉

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