• EEVblog #699 – Rigol DS1054Z Oscilloscope Jitter Fix Testing

    Dave tries out the new DS1054Z firmware from Rigol that is supposed to fix the 5us delay jitter issue, and the AC Trigger Coupling jitter issues.
    Have they fixed it, or is there still a problem?
    What caused the 5us jitter issues to begin with, Dave also investigates the ADC PLL based sample clock with an e-Field probe and the Rigol DSA815 spectrum analyser.
    Did Rigol also change the PLL coefficients?
    Previous video HERE
    ADF4360 PLL datasheet

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      • Neutron

        Thanks Dave, a very interesting investigation particularly the ‘before and after’ comparison.

        Have you looked at the PLL output spectrum with a direct connection rather than the E field probe?

        I’m looking forward to a fix of the AC trigger coupling problem on the 2000 series – will you be testing that?

        • Some people on the forum have done direct probing.
          Will test the DS2000 eventually, but not a major concern. People have said it’s also now fixed.

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