EEVblog #727 – How To Kill An Opamp

It’s all fun and games until an innocent opamp gets hurt!
Dave proves he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed by killing an opamp in his µCurrent calibration test jig, whilst checking the calibration of course.
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  1. Nice short video. It made me feel better after I had accidentally replaced a LM7805 with a LM7815 and blew up a micro-controller on a customers unit.

  2. I’ve been caught out a couple of times recently by that bloody Vin pin on the Arduino – connecting 12V instead of 3V3 or 5V to a project board and zap. I’ve now de-soldered the pin.

    Regarding Video – I was getting choppy 720/1080p50 on both Chrome & Firefox but 480p was alright until a few weeks ago. Since then I get perfect 720/1080p50 but choppy 480p. Go figure!

    BTW I’m in the camp that preferred the p25 video. The highly compressed p50 video seems to lack detail, especially noticeable in your facial features.

  3. I’ve killed more opamps than I care to admit. The last one accidently got a dose of mains voltage when a fuse holder touched a test point. Poor thing blew its guts all across the board.

  4. Murderer – what did that poor op-amp ever do to you?!

    I’m pretty sure it woke up expecting to go about its day like every other day and not expect to be electrocuted….

  5. I very seldom make a mistake like that; but when I do it is one to remember…
    Like the 250W into instrument only designed to handle 100W.
    That cost me dearly.

  6. How can you possibly be so critical of internal construction inside other’s equipment when you show us something like that current source?!!! Bloody hypocrite 😉

  7. A typical “trap for … players”. Young, old – does not matters! I like reveresed polarity supply too!

  8. I don’t know if anyone else is the same, but breaking leads off and snapping things in half is my usual method of destruction for some reason. I try to be careful, and I don’t usually break things – but when I do, I’m the kind of person who connects everything up correctly, then attempts to strip the primary leads on the transformer, and somehow proceeds to rip them right out instead 🙁

    But this must be something going around – I ruined two opamps last week while trying to fix a power supply when I forgot to connect the -Ve supply rail.

  9. The LT6015 can handle all of this without damage. Check it out:

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