• EEVblog #747 – PC Based Logic Analyser Project

    Dave goes back 20 years and find an old PC Based Logic Analyser project of his that was published in Electronics Australia magazine back in 1996. He uncovers the original timing diagrams, schematics, and prototype. And tries to resurrect the old Borland Pascal 7 source code and Lattice ispLSI PLD chip code.
    And the old Protel Autotrax for DOS PCB and schematic files.
    Will it all work 20 years later?
    A bonus side detour into the venerable Tektronix TDS210/220 oscilloscope.

    Original articles
    Original design notes

    Forum: http://www.eevblog.com/forum/blog/eevblog-747-pc-based-logic-analyser-project/

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      • 52 min’s of waffling on and on and on !!!

        • michael

          your not forced to watch it. if this does not excite you, you should become an acountant.

      • Towger

        Good old Borland, brings back memories. In Ireland they moved from the nice offices into a few rooms above a funeral parlour, in a not so salubrious area of Dublin, before they finally vanished.

      • David Byrne

        Excellent! Great that Dave kept this legacy stuff from way back when. I understand Dave’s excitement and the design was very good for the day. The design seemed to lack input protection. I wonder if there is anyone still using the logic analyser. A few years ago there was a reunion of Mini Scamp fan boys in Tasmania, and they brought along their Min Scamps they built in 1977.


        I recently tore down a burglar alarm I once designed in 1980 – full of analogue filters and digital timing and triggering circuits, built into a metal tool box. It was a blast from the past, and it still worked. Revisiting these old designs is like looking up a long lost friend.

      • Mads Thorup

        Love Borland TP 7, it was where I really started to program and after that it was delphi. Now delphi is so expensive you can’t buy it. Latzarus is a alternative.

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