EEVblog #761 – Pebble Time Smartwatch Teardown

What’s inside the new Pebble Time Smartwatch?
Dave does a teardown after taking it through the torture test, and gives it a close up view with the Tagarno microscope.
How easy is it to disassemble and replace the battery?
How much do the components cost?
What is the manufacturing quality like?
How does the Bluetooth antenna work?
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    • The microphone is a 30-meter water resistant microphone, so that may have something to do with why it’s extended back so far. The rest of the watch including the faceplate strip is 50-meter water resistant.

      • mjk

        30m water resistant microphone? Must be for when you have those deep conversations…..

        • Well obviously it won’t be useful underwater, but if you want a watch with a microphone when it’s above water, that can also go underwater…

          • nomel


            • I understood the joke, and rejected it for being too silly.

      • Yes, the extra space is needed for whatever waterproof medium they need for the mic. That’s not easy to get right.

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