• EEVblog #762 – How Secure Are Electronic Safe Locks?

    How secure are electronic locks used on safes?
    Dave tries a power line analysis attack on a standard La Gard (LG) 3740/3750 Basic electronic digital lock on a CMI home safe.
    Can you crack an electronic digital safe lock with just a resistor and an oscilloscope?
    All sorts of safe cracking techniques are discussed – thermal camera imaging, bumping, drilling, and spiking the solenoid.
    And naturally there is a complete teardown of the La Gard lock and a demonstration on how it works.
    And then Dave does something incredibly dumb, and has to fix it the old fashioned way, Hollywood style.
    It’s a tail of epic fails and stunning wins.

    Forum HERE

    ST ST62T25 OTP Microcontroller
    AT93C46 EEPROM

    Teardown photos:

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