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    • Mads Thorup

      If really the switch was burned, maybe there was a spare switch at the ohm there could be putted in across the burned.

    • Zsola

      I like this kind of repair videos better than teardowns. Your engineering soul can feel some relief. Even if it is only a gang switch. Thank you Dave and David! 🙂

    • Nic Perrin

      Hope you’re going to replace the crispy resistor and the missing fuse for the new owner 🙂

    • BludginYankieStooge

      Please Note that there are spoilers in the comments. Silly me should have known better to read the comments before the video was over. Doh. So heads up if you haven’t watched it yet and are as absent minded as me :p

      I concur though that repair videos are very educational and entertaining. Teardowns are fun too but I learn more from watching your troubleshooting techniques. Thanks Dave.

    • Jose Silveira

      Hi Dave. Interesting video, this one. If I may suggest, you should spray the contact cleaner from the back end of each switch, towards the front. If you look from there, you will see a square plastic rod that moves back and forth, as you press the switches. This rod carries the metal sliders that contact the pins to make the switching action. Spraying from the back, takes the lube directly to the contacts. All the best from Lisbon, Portugal.

    • poot36

      How about fixing the Tektronix scopes that you got in a previous mailbag?

    • Trev

      Extra ‘thumbs up’ on this video Dave… If I could ‘vote’ to have you include more repair videos, I definitely would… Even if they prove to be stupidly ‘simple’ repairs, it helps to educate the masses that SOMETIMES, the fault can turn out to be quite simple! (Maybe if you give David some ‘perfectly functional’ device[s] and ask him to ‘blow them up’ so that you can repair them… )

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