EEVblog #780 – Samsung LCD TV Dumpster Dive Teardown

Dave finds a nice 46″ Samsung LED backlight LCD TV in the dumpster, will it work?
What’s inside?
Also I look at using the Inventables waterproof insulating solder sleeves
NOTE: I think a wide nozzle heat gun must be used on these. The small one I used didn’t maintain enough heat into the wires.
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    • Justin Richards

      Shortly after it was first powered on, you mentioned that it came good. Just curious if it actually came good (bit hard to see on the video) and if so then there might be a glimmer of hope.
      Not looking too hopeful however, as the freeze didn’t make a lick of difference.
      As always enjoyed the walk thru.

    • jippie

      Did you try to push down on the (BGA) chips, maybe some percussive maintenance?

    • Zsola

      Dave, you have to check the flex cable from T-con to the LCD panel, it may have been damaged (ex. from a fall). Anyway, this can help:

    • I imagine the cut-wires would be because they had it wallmounted or in some other thing where they weren’t running it from a standard outlet. There’s still some TVs out there with fixed power cords. I believe my last Plasma was that way.

    • Uwe Große-Wortmann

      for these solder sleeve, you definitively need a “big” heat gun with 1 or 2kW power (and temperature control, if possible). But then, these sleeves work really nice. Another hint: first apply heat at the ends, so that the shrunken tubes prevent the wires from falling out.

    • Alvin Andries


      Did you made any progress? It looks like a row based error.
      If you have a DRAM which internally has very wide rows, problems with the sense amplifier or reference storage could cause data dependend errors that spread acros the rows. Freeze can on the DRAM chips.
      Another big row device is the screen. If somehow the push pull isn’t completely working, residual charge from 1 line could spread across the other lines. Any possibility to see the power rails on a scope


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