EEVblog #781 – Samsung LCD TV Part 2

Dave & David2 have another go at repairing the dumpster dive 46″ Samsung LCD TV.
This time a further teardown checking out the LCD panel TAB connections, and then reflowing the T-CON Timing Control board.
You know how it ends. If you don’t like the lack of a happy ending, don’t watch.
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    • Dave,
      Oh yeah. Some good hardcore troubleshooting there. Don’t see much of that in today’s “throw-away” society. Between the “ghosting” and fact that the vertical lines are at the ASCII characters, I would look hard at the processor board. Keep going. This is fun. “Remote-Troubleshooting”. LOL!

    • Is 11.87v ‘good enough’ for 12v VCC?
      I have a 52″ Samsung LCD TV that I’m helping a friend repair. It has the dreaded ‘image retention’ problem and I’ve replaced a couple of boards and tried the ‘scotch-tape’ ribbon cable fix w/o success.
      On measuring the VCC (12v) to the side of the display that has the problem, I get 11.87v. Could this be a problem?

      Any help appreciated,
      Thanks Donal

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