• EEVblog #790 – Lecroy Wavejet 354 Touch Oscilloscope Teardown

    Take a look inside the 500MHz 4 channel Teledyne Lecroy WaveJet Touch 354 oscilloscope.
    a.k.a An Iwatsu DS-5600, made in Japan
    Ti ADC08D1000 1GS/s ADC
    LMH6518 Variable Gain Amplifier
    4 bank Synchronous DRAM
    Renesas SuperH Processor
    Lattice ECP2 FPGA
    Lattice Mach XO CPLD

    Teardown Photos:
    Teledyne Lecroy Wavejet Touch 354 (Iwatsu DS-5600) Oscilloscope Teardown

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      • PrairieSteve

        Nice teardown, and now I feel better about ordering 4 of these for our lab. Actually, we’ve had the scopes for nearly a year, and they’ve done very well so far. The user interface is very similar to some older LeCroy scopes that are being retired, so there’s very little learning curve. The old LeCroy scopes have lasted over 15 years, so I was a bit nervous about how long these new plastic scopes would last. Thanks to the teardown, I imagine that these will be as good as any other modern plastic scope.

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