EEVBlog #792 – Lecroy Wavejet Touch 354 Oscilloscope Review

Dave unboxes and takes a first look at the 500MHz Teledyne Lecroy Wavejet Touch 543 / Iwatsu 5600 series oscilloscope.
And various comparisons with the Keysight 3000X, Tektronix MDO3000, GW Instek, and Rigol 4000

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  1. If you seek a cheap 500MHz scope, I can recommend GW Instek model GDS-3504. It’s just a higher-end model compared to 2000 series showed in Dave’s video (3000 goes to 500MHz, 2000 only to 300MHz, there are more differences too). I’ve got myself for just under 4000$.

    Like Dave said, only 25k points of memory per channel, which is just garbage. But apart from that, I can’t recall any major downsides of this scope, only a minor ones. Build quality is top notch, and overall functionality is decent, especially for the price.

    Well, it’s most definitely not the best scope on the market, but it does the job. It’s substantially better from the GDS-2000 series, and it also seems overall better from that Lecroy business Dave is reviewing.

  2. Hmm… What made you choose that particular thumbnail image for the video (with the text overlay)?

    As a professional electronics engineer, can you offer some insight to when someone should start looking into 500+ MHz oscilloscopes instead of the more common 60-100 MHz scopes that are far cheaper. It would be nice to hear your angle on it.

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