• EEVblog #795 – Electronex 2015

    Dave visits Electronex 2015 in Melbourne, Australia’s biggest electronics trade show.
    Forum HERE

    Micsig handheld oscilloscopes
    Visus inspection microscope
    Vicom Australia
    Low noise 70GHz 220GS/s oscilloscopes from Tektronix
    Keithley 4200 Semiconductor Charcterisation System
    Fine Mark Design PCB Designers
    Würth Electronics Trilogy Of Magnetics Books
    Flea System FPGA based Arduino module
    Embedded Logic Solutions LPKF PCB milling machine and
    and Mechnatironics systems prototype Pick and Place machine
    Leica digital microscopes
    Siglent SDS-2104 Oscilloscope
    EM Scan PCB emissions tester
    Monash University UAV Outback Challenge

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