• EEVblog #813 – Mailbag

    Bumper Mailbag.
    Guest appearance by Sagan
    Forum: http://www.eevblog.com/forum/blog/eevblog-813-mailbag/

    Sinclair / Thandar SC110 10MHz portable analog CRT oscilloscope form the 1980’s!
    Makerbeam by Chartup
    A mystery device from a Police auction from Rossin Corporation
    10MHz TCXO reference clock generator
    AST3TQ TCXO datasheet
    Fitbit ripoff teardown
    CC2541 Bluetooth microcontroller datasheet
    MMA955L Motion sensing pedometer datasheet
    Harbour Freight Cen-Tech multimeter teardown!

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      • Todd Litteken

        I was just thinking of sending you one of the Free Harbor Freight VOM meters. I have several of them.

        I toss one in my backpack when I go to check the deer feeders. If something is wrong with one of them I use it to check the Solar panel, deep cycle battery, and from time to time to check continuity on the wires. They work great for that and are light weight. lol Plus, being free means that if I loose it in the field it is no big deal. 😉

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