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EEVblog #1336 – DT71 LCR Tweezer Destructive Teardown + Lab Update

Destructive teardown o nthe Miniware DT71 LCR meter Tweezers Plus a lab move update. Forum: ...


  1. You know, seeing Sagan, and seeing how much he’s grown, has me wondering how you and Mrs. EEVblog are doing with Child 2.0, Project “Huxley”?

  2. Top of the bottom to you Dave,


    That’s the IC…DVM IC!
    Larry of America, the Beautiful…Dirty, but beautiful.

  3. Is the panic alarm a Hartley Oscillator? Noticed the big Inductor has three legs.

  4. Isn’t the inductor in the ultrasonic receiver circuit picture on a separate circuit? The inductor appears to act as a cheap antenna transmitter to the ultrasonic receiver? It looks like the inductor and capacitor is electrical isolated from the receiver. The spate transmitting circuit may be used to test the receiver.

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