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    EEVblog #1056 – Digilent Open Scope MZ Review

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    • Ken Galer

      Thousands of parts, all thru-hole, except one SMT, weird.

    • Кирилл Васильев

      Dave, what happened to the 50FPS video versions? Really sad to see them go 🙁

      • Sometimes I get tired of the huge render times.

    • Synthetase

      I think the 5V digital supply is less of an afterthought and more of a “reuse as much of the existing design as possible.” It’s obvious that that power supply board design is from an older all-analogue version of the mixer. They’ve added the 5V rail with the minimum amount of effort. This also likely explains why there’s no neat board-to-board interconnect system from that board to the other mixers on the right of the machine. It probably was never designed with that in mind, and they’ve just expanded it in the easiest way possible.

    • the 48v “phantom power” can be used to power lights to light the ‘desk. also the reason that board under the central module was square was to fit the digital board – Could see that clearly when you zoomed out(see 37:31 paused). Those big mixers can have the primary inputs be mixed through to “groups” so that you can effectively raise or lower the drums without having to re-adjust for each part of the drum kit (assuming you used multiple microphones just for the drum kit. Also. the inputs can be sent off to a effects box which can be fed back into the desk. and on some large units, a separate personal mix can be created for each musician to hear via “foldback”. Definitely interesting to see the inside of a big desk – I’ve only played around with the little ones I’m using as my “house” system

    • tlhIngan

      Perhaps I’m blind, but where’s the service manual?

    • Tobias

      Lights are powered from 12V. 48V are to supply condensor mikes. The cable connection to the right side PCB is because Yamaha offered these consoles also with less input channels. M3000 was a mid-quality live console from late 90’s. It did the job, but none really liked it.

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