EEVblog #873 – World’s Most Dangerous Consumer Product!

Dave looks at possibly the world’s most dangerous consumer product, a portable electrode boiler based water heater available on ebay.
Marketed as “safe”, it is nothing less than a death trap!

EDIT: Holy crap! They sell this as a baby bath heater!

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  1. TAKE THIS F**K Down

  2. Dave, that is a luxury item, here in Argentina people use just the wire and nails !! well construction workers or whenever a stove is not available to heat water for our beloved “Mate” look here also prison inmate do this with any metal or cable to heatup their coffee, soup etc…

    Here is the comercial version used by many households!!

  3. Dude, you should report this to eBay and have it removed. Hilarious video though, can’t believe that there are people greedy enough to make something like this with a total lack of regard for safety!

  4. If there is salt in the water it will break down into sodium and chloride therefore chlorinating the water. This is commonly used in swimming pools as a alternative to adding cholrine but the platinum cells used in the process run at 20-27Vdc and are mains isolated.

  5. Pardon my potential ignorance but I thought these were (somewhat) common. Googling “immersion water boiler” brings up plenty of scary variations. Image search shows all the possible variants nicely, most with exposed metal prongs. Also, apparently this concept is popular in prisons to make soups and what-nots. Not that that is an endorsement by any stretch. This way of heating water always scared the hell out of me but it isn’t new. Unless I’m missing how this particular product is unsafer than what else is out there.

  6. bigclivedotcom on youtube likes finding this kind of dangerous crap and taking it apart. A hilarious spoof epitomizing it all is
    Many people live with the dangerous assumption that just because something is for sale that it must be safe; bizarre.

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  12. iI remember 30+ years back, that here, in former Czechoslovakia, was something similar commonly available. It was a plastic mug, with two graphite electrodes from the base and flex-cable, connecting it directly to wall 220V. I cannot find any image of that, but as i said, it was pretty common.

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