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  • Steve

    I have a BM 257 that did the exact same thing. Before I tear it apart can somebody suggest the proper part to replace the bad inductor with. If you can use a 0 ohm resistor can you simply use a jumper. I assume this would not affect the accuracy of the meter and with the other protection in the circuit I don’t think there’s much chance of damaging anything.

  • tlhIngan

    Finally! Dave gets a product repair video that he actually repairs! How long has he bought stuff that either couldn’t be fixed, or already worked? Now he finally has one that is broken and fixed it!

  • lutz_mark

    Hi, I would more likely suspect that there is an issue with the board flexing at that point. The part is located right at the lead jack where there can be lots of stress — depending on how vigorously the user plugs/unplugs the leads, or how tight a fit the test leads are. The PCB also looks quite narrow at that point so the cutouts provide a weak point right under the two inductors and the PCB could hinge there. Probably a longer-lasting repair would be to use a bead on wire inductor, or just mount the SMD one vertically and connect the other side to the trace with magnet wire. Cheers and get better soon Dave!

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