EEVblog #900 – STM32 ARM Development Board

Dave takes a look at the ST STM32 L1 series low power ARM chips, and gets a cheap STM32L152C development board up and running with the IAR Embedded workbench compiler and STLINK/V2 interface.
Also a look at the STMcubeMX code initialisation application.

Schematic & User Manual

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    • A search for GCC STM32L1 came up with a few pages on how to use gcc with this. They’re mostly for Linux though. I even saw some info on using LLVM/Clang compilers.

    • AndrewS

      Just remember that with STM32 L0/L1 series you get free license for the Keil MDK, full!!

    • tlhIngan

      You might want to try the ARM tools – DS-5 Community Edition is free …

      Though, the best for starter kits would be the NXP LPC series – NXP provides their own ARM development environment so if you’re into assembling the whole thing yourself…

    • gizer20

      Atollic uses de GCC and since a few month ago (maybe a year) they are offering the full software without code-size limitations. I’ve work with IAR with renesas MCU and I didn’t like it at all. I will stick with solutions based in Eclipse.

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