EEVblog #939 – How Is A PCB Manufactured?

How is a double sided plated through hole solder masked and silk screened component olverlay PCB manufactured?
Take a step-by-step tour of a PCB manufactuing plant.

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Hard electroplated gold card edge connectors VIDEO
Desing for manufacture tutorial VIDEO
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Eurocircuits VIDEO

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    • SA007

      The process of positive coating on the board, copper plating next, followed by tin plating, then etching is because it is cheaper.
      The copper plating makes the copper the standard (or extra) copper thickness, the bare board is very thin copper.

      The reason for that is you need to tin plate before the etching (because of the plated trough via’s, they are not covered by the fotoresist coating.

      Also you need to add the extra copper plating before the fotoresist coating, so you would need to etch the extra copper that you added wasting both copper and etching solution.

    • Gordon Wedman

      That was exhausting!

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