EEVblog #948 – Nixie Tube Display Project – Part 1

Part 1 of an internet connected Nixie tube counter/clock display project.
What are Nixie Tubes? How do they work? How do you drive them?
Selecting a suitable driving solution and parametric searching.
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  1. As it turns out, one doesn’t need to have a very high voltage transistor to switch these things as most of the voltage is being dropped by the tube itself: The 74141’s output transistors aren’t rated anywhere near the supply voltage – and they don’t need to be.

    An interesting discussion of “other” ways to drive these tubes may be found here:

    Where a bog-standard 4000-series CMOS chip is pressed into service to drive a Nixie. The author admits that you wouldn’t really want to do this, but it demonstrates that yes, you probably could safely use a cheap, low-voltage transistor – and get away with it.

    Despite this, the high voltage shift registers appear to be a nice solution!

    As always – I enjoy the videos!

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