EEVblog #950 – Nixie Tube Display Project – Part 2

Some more info and experiments on driving Nixie tubes.
Open circuit cathode voltage, open collector vs totem pole / push-pull drivers, NIxie voltage drop and pre-biasing, and using the ULN2003 with zener clamping.
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  1. I wonder if just using a resistor to gnd across the digit would keep the voltage below 50V?

  2. Use 74141 driver:-) it’s 4 bit driver for nixie tube. I have those to my nixie project, but haven’t time to done it:(

    My idea was use arduino with PCF8574 expanders (I2C), and one expander can control two, 74141 drivers. You can control nixie display by only 2 wires.

  3. If you go for the ULN2003/2803 approach, the TPIC6B595 might be an intresting chip.
    It is basically a ULN with built in shift register.

    It is bit more expensive than a combo ULN/shift register but a lot easier to route and you don’t need 2 chips.

    Unfortunately it is only 150mA, would love to get a chip like that in 500mA or better.

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