EEVblog #954 – How To Setup An Electronics Lab For $300

Dave shows you how you can set up an electronics lab for only a few hundred bucks.
Multimeter, oscilloscope, power supply, function generator, soldering station, solder, wire, tools, microscope and magnifier, and components.
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UT136B Multimeter
OWON VDS1022I USB Oscilloscope
YiHUA 936 Soldering Station
Hakko Tips
USB Microscope
Head Magnifier
Flux Pen
0.3mm solder
Lead Free solder
If your budget allows, a Rigol DS1054Z

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    • prwiley

      Silicon Chip seems to no longer make the kits.

    • James Grainger

      Would this work for a cheap function generator and an oscilloscope?

    • Gordon Wedman

      Those non-Hako tips are worthless. Make sure the de-solder wick has flux or else get some liquid flux to add. I have one of those Chinese made constant current/constant voltage power supplies and you would think there is nothing in the case as it is so light. An old Leader brand that does the same weighs five pounds.

    • HillyBilly13

      One thing I’d recommend is to replace the test leads that come with the DVM with a quality set.

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