• EEVblog #990 – How To Get A PCB Manufactured (Nixie PART 5)

    A walk though of taking the Nixie Tube project PCB from desing to manufacture.
    DRC checking, gerber generation, NC drill file, generation, and finding a PCB manufacturer.

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      • Matthias

        This video is not available 🙁

        • danvil

          Same here, 16.35 UTC. Notification came 3 hours ago…

      • Hi Dave, I am Drew Fustini from OSH Park. Sorry for the problem you experienced in
        this video. We’d like to figure out the issue since others might
        encounter it too.

        Could you please email the files so that our support
        engineers can determine how to resolve the issue?

        My email is: drew AT

        We believe there were two unrelated issues that you experienced:

        The outline on the left side was shifted down, making us unable to
        properly render the Top and Bottom previews correctly. Making the
        mechanical layer watertight will fix that.

        – The Drill files were
        being incorrectly interpreted as Metric 3:4, instead of Metric 4:3 as
        submitted. This should have been auto-corrected, but seems there’s a
        bug. For now, try just using Inch 2:4 for the drill export. The gerbers
        can stay metric as it won’t cause any problems.

        The unsupported
        slots warning is for the barrel jack, since we don’t support the Altium
        Drill Path properly. Currently, it just gets lost in our processing.
        We’re working on fixing this, but for now several slot types are
        unsupported, and require some clunky workarounds to get fabricated. You
        can see those here:

        Internal Cutouts and Slots

        And, for reference, here’s some of our documentation relevant to Altium:

        Altium Designer: Drill File CAM Configuration

        Common Errors with Drill Files

        Drew Fustini
        drew -AT- oshpark.com

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