eevBLAB #33 – Why Gold Plated Probes Matter

Dave demonstrates why gold plated multimeter probes matter, and why you should be using them for all your electronics measurements.
NOTE: Many people didn’t understand the point of this video. It’s about oxidisation of contacts, gold basically doesn’t do this, other probes can.
Also gold probes are not necessarily recommended for regular high current, high power electrical use, that’s what I mean by an “electronics use”, as opposed to “electrical” use which is why Fluke for example don’t offer gold plated leads.
And as always, YMMV.
Fluke offer fine tip “electronics” gold probes
Probe Master probes
BM235 Probes

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  2. Time for a couple of multimeter test lead shoot outs low priced and high end leads. Why not give it a go

  3. Probe master — superb products and great service.

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