• Dumpster Dive – HP Envy Touch PC Repair

    Troubleshooting and attempted repair of a HP Envy touch PC found in the dumpster.

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      • nakchak

        Check the ribbon cables feeding the screen quarters, and the tab bonding to the panel, had similar all in one systems die from excessive heat by pushing the unit up against a wall and choking it, ribbon cable failed on that one, and one from having the back facing a window and being in direct sunlight, which did the tab bonds in

      • freddo frogg

        Hi Dave, HP (and Dell) use the centre pin on the Power connector as an ID to communicate with the Power Brick to ensure that it has a genuine (and correct current capable) Brick attached. With a different brand or same brand but too low capacity the unit will not boot up.. This is true with the Laptops and I assume would be the same here.

        Regards, Mick (Freddo)

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