EEVblog #1129 – Creating a Nice Readable Schematic

How to turn a horrible unorganised schematic into a nice readable modular schematic with proper signal flow.
Tips on industry standard and expected layout techniques.

Using the open source Haasoscope oscilloscope as an example.

Please do NOT complain about the length of this video. I know. It is what it is.

9:28 LED configuration
12:28 Single Page Vs Multi page schematics
14:24 Net lines and bus lines
25:25 Connection stuff
36:32 Consistent component symbols
37:29 Signal flow from left to right (schematic reorganisation part 1)
44:15 The great nF debate
46:18 Text designation (Part II)
47:57 Net line Vs Port (for blocks)
49:43 Description on blocks
50:02 Signal f low from left to right (schematic reorganisation part 2)
1:08:38 Don’t put junctions on line cross-overs (Don’t cross the streams)

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