EEVblog 1441 – Electric Buses are NOT a SCAM (Adam Something)

Repsonding to Adam Something’s video claiming that electric buses are a scam. Lets analyse his claims and look at what’s really happening with the cost benefit anlysis of electric buses vs diesel and electric trolley buses.

Adam’s video:

00:00 – Electric buses are a scam
01:20 – The claims
01:50 – Growth of electric buses in China
02:40 – Why not just put up wires in cities?
03:45 – Visual polution
05:50 – But they catch on FIRE!
06:38 – Batteries use slave labour!
07:20 – Cost of Electric buses vs Diesel
14:00 – Autonymous trolly buses
18:28 – Everything BUT fully electric buses are viable! Anlysis of trolley buses.
21:29 – Dave’s practical table of Pros and Cons comparing the 4 options
27:28 – Electric buses are DUMB! Yeah, nah.

Fosil fuel pollution: Health impacts in Australia:
Emission and health:
Benefits outweigh costs:
Cost effective:
Summary of diesel vs electric buses:
NREL Financial anlysis of electric buses:
China: Maintenance of electric buses: Trolleybuses catch on fire too:


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