EEVblog 1441 – Electric Buses are NOT a SCAM (Adam Something)

Repsonding to Adam Something’s video claiming that electric buses are a scam. Lets analyse his claims and look at what’s really happening with the cost benefit anlysis of electric buses vs diesel and electric trolley buses.

Adam’s video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqHsXv7Umvw

00:00 – Electric buses are a scam
01:20 – The claims
01:50 – Growth of electric buses in China
02:40 – Why not just put up wires in cities?
03:45 – Visual polution
05:50 – But they catch on FIRE!
06:38 – Batteries use slave labour!
07:20 – Cost of Electric buses vs Diesel
14:00 – Autonymous trolly buses
18:28 – Everything BUT fully electric buses are viable! Anlysis of trolley buses.
21:29 – Dave’s practical table of Pros and Cons comparing the 4 options
27:28 – Electric buses are DUMB! Yeah, nah.

Fosil fuel pollution: https://archive.ph/HvUaH#selection-3475.43-3475.138 Health impacts in Australia: https://soe.environment.gov.au/theme/ambient-air-quality/topic/2016/health-impacts-air-pollution
Emission and health: https://reneweconomy.com.au/victoria-needs-to-get-on-electric-bus-if-its-serious-about-emissions-and-health-44153/
Benefits outweigh costs: https://www.eesi.org/papers/view/fact-sheet-electric-buses-benefits-outweigh-costs
Cost effective: https://www.publicpower.org/periodical/article/electric-buses-mass-transit-seen-cost-effective
Summary of diesel vs electric buses: https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Summary-of-the-cost-comparison-between-Diesel-and-Electric-busses_tbl2_293195329
NREL Financial anlysis of electric buses: https://afdc.energy.gov/files/u/publication/financial_analysis_be_transit_buses.pdf
China: https://www.ies-synergy.com/en/electric-buses-where-are-we/ Maintenance of electric buses: http://www.maintenanceforum.net/cp2018/papers/S_Misanovic-mf18.pdf Trolleybuses catch on fire too: https://www.1lurer.am/en/2017/12/21/Trolleybus-on-fire-in-Yerevan/78999

Forum: https://www.eevblog.com/forum/blog/eevblog-1441-electric-buses-are-not-a-scam-(adam-something)/

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