EEVblog 1480 – Lightyear Zero Solar Powered Electric Car

Are solar powered electric cars viable? Let’s look at the Lightyear Zero solar powered electric car and examine the claims. Can you get a useless extended range by adding solar panels to an electric car? Dave just so happens to drive a solar powered electric car, so let’s find out!

00:00 – Lightyear Zero the world’s first solar powered production electric car
01:45 – Under certain conditions…
03:10 – Dave drives a solar powered electric car!
06:06 – Is a fully solar powered electric car possible?
07:34 – Let’s order one! It’s only EUR$250,000…
08:46 – How big is the solar panel and what is the output power?
10:28 – It’s a helpful gimmick. Let’s do the winter & summer calculations
13:22 – Nope, it’s not going to meet the 70km/day extra range claim
13:50 – But in theory, could you do it…
14:46 – Solar power output varies a lot, let me show you…
16:22 – No they aren’t going to power themselves and they aren’t revolutionary.
18:40 – The Aptera solar power electric car still doesn’t do it


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