EEVblog 1544 – Platio Solar Pavement BUSTED!

Let’s BUST the new Platio Solar Pavement installation in the Netherlands using thier OWN production data on launch day! LOL PLUS a Solar Roadways UPDATE!

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00:00 – Platio Solar Pavement in the Netherlands BUSTED!
02:15 – The launch day unveiling video
03:43 – The location in Groningen. Absolutely nowhere else for panels, LOL
05:41 – We’ve BUSTED Platio before! The Spanish installation.
06:41 – BUSTING the numbers with DaveCAD
11:17 – The numbers are just embarrassing!
12:58 – Embodied energy anyone?
14:45 – Anyone remember the Dutch Solaroad project?
16:03 – Solar Freakin Roadways UPDATE
17:29 – ANOTHER ONE in the Netherlands? SERIOUSLY?
18:55 – I was WRONG, it’s worse, way worse.

Reference Links:
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Spanish Platio BUSTED video:
EEVblog2 Platio video short:
Solar Roadways StartEngine:
Solar Roadways Webcam:
Solaroad in the Netherlands FAIL photos:

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