eevBLAB #76 – HUGE Youtube Ad Changes will impact YOU!

Youtube is about to make a HUGE change to mid-roll ads on every video on every channel. All creators are about to be opted-in to mid-roll ads for new AND existing content. You are about to be bombarded with ads! This also potentially impacts the revenue and discover-ability of creators. ...

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eevBLAB #70 – EEVblog Impersonation WARNING!

WARNING! to all companies out there to be aware of people impersonating big influential Youtubers in order to elicit confidential company information. Subscribe on LBRY: Forum:!/

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eevBLAB #59 – Patreon Is An Unsustainable Business!

Patreon is an unsustainable business, in their own words. They took the investment money and now they are paying the price. It looks as though nothing Patreon can do that won’t piss off their creators will bring in enough money to keep the investors happy. In addition to the fallout ...

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