EEVblab #2 – Are Electronics Hobbyists Useless?

Some people have said Dave is asking too much for a hobbyist/student employee to have basic design, layout, construction, debugging, and firmware skills. Naturally Dave thinks that’s bullshit, and that is in fact the *definition* of a good hobbyist. Job description: (Since modified to highlight I’m not after professional ...

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EEVblab #1 – The EEVblog Is Hiring

The first EEVblab episode. EEVblabs will be quick one-take videos. No editing, no frills, Dave just hits record and uploads. These could even be done on the road if needed. In this episode, the EEVblog is hiring, Rigol DS1054Z update, and Patreon. Suggestions for blab videos can be made HERE ...

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