Miscellaneous Stuff

Nothing to really do with the EEVblog, but thought I’d share anyway.

Testing Facebook

This is just a test to see if WordPress can (again) auto-post to my Facebook EEVblog page I’ll add this embedded video too as a test:

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EEVblog Website Update

PLEASE NOTE: The EEVblog website will be going down for at least a few hours on Thursday 20th (Sydney time) for a major upgrade. The site will be locked down from commenting etc Basically it’s a new custom WordPress template and a few associated things. This will make the site ...

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Negative Feedback T-Shirts In The EU

As the titles says, Negative Feedback T-Shirts are now available in the EU through Fabrily. This should work out cheaper for postage than ordering through Teespring in the US. CLICK HERE to get one.

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Fluxgate Condenser T-Shirt

Many have asked about my Flux Capaci… *cough* Fluxgate Condenser T-Shirt It’s available again for sale on Teespring HERE for the next 10 days. Only 15 bucks! Never be late for your next design review meeting with Dave’s hand drawn fluxgate condenser t-shirt, complete with the missing equations. Uber nerd street ...

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How To Live Stream A USB Webcam On a Raspberry PI 2

The EEVblog Lab had a HD Dropcam so that people could watch what was happening live in the lab. It worked well enough, but then Dropcam changed their terms and conditions and wanted to merge with Nest (who bought them). This was bothering Dave so the search for an alternative began. Surprising, ...

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