• EEVblog #725 – LG Plasma TV Teardown

    Dave takes a peek inside the 50″ LG Plasma TV found in the dumpster.
    The Dumpster Dive video was on the EEVblog2 channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPK1_hy4KMU

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      • Gavin Melville

        Note the blown/bulged caps at 12:30. The smaller ones on the low voltage power supply.

      • Agent24

        And I’m here screaming the whole way through the video because practically ALL the output capacitors in the low voltage PSU are blown!!!!

        • H:S

          I noticed it in the middle of the episode and wondered all the time
          whether he will mention it eventually, or he’s just trolling us. ^^ It
          seems to me that we have a new secret EEVtroll sub-channel (with this,
          and the EEVghost turning oscilloscopes upside-down and randomly
          appearing in reflections around the lab…). :))

      • Herman

        Dave condemned the TV before he even pulled the back off. He had no intention of fixing anything. Easy to miss anything obvious if your really not looking to resurrect the thing.

      • mjk

        Consumes 500 Watts of power? Isn’t that the same as your feebly remunerated PV export during the day. Why not leave the TV switched on during the day to burn up your excess PV and heat your house? It’s a win-win. Noise of daytime TV will keep burglars at bay too.

        • Syd Jessop

          Dave doesn’t need his house heating. If he does, it will be on a cloudy day!

          • mjk

            Hi Syd. Thanks for confirming that Dave’s house is at a comfortable temperature. BTW, Dave wants to know if you’ll be moving out soon, after all you did say it was only going to be for a couple of days til you sorted yourself out…….

            • Synthetase

              That would have been funnier if you hadn’t also been making claims about what Dave does or does not need to maintain a comfortable temperature. Having said that, if it’s cold in Sydney it’s overcast, so his point is valid.

              • mjk

                Actually, my point was basically that many solar PV users end up contriving demand for their power produced, just to use it up. Running the aircon during the day when no one is there is a good example. Of the 6kWh that you use to run it, you probably get the beneift of 1kWh when you return in the evening. Heating your house (either through a plasma TV or an electric fire) is about as (un)sensible. Because, if a cloud comes over during the day, you end up sucking power from the grid to run something that really doesn’t contribute much to your comfort.
                The other point is that although Dave lives in Sunny Oz, in the winter it can get quite chilly. Statistically, Australians use more energy to heat their homes than to cool them.
                What’s missing from the solar setup, is the intelligent switching of white goods to use any potential excess production. Switching this excess to heat hot water, or run the pool pump, or to over cool you deep freeze would be a much better solution. And on the cloudy days just take from the grid only when it’s absolutely necessary. Come home to see that the washing machine didn’t run because there was never enough PV produced. (This would obviously be overridable for days when you really want your washing done right now )

      • Arthur A

        I repaired these things for 8 years…….first thing I looked for was the blown CAPS in the small voltage PSU……..and Dave was poking around all of them with his pen and never noticed them LOL. Anyway the top left “X” PCB (vertical driver) needed replacing and changing the blown CAPS may not have stopped the flickering…….that was probably a “Y Sustain” PCB which is the large PCB that was just to the left of the main PSU. Dave is right though…….it’s not worth fixing a unit like that

        No one makes Plasmas anymore….what a shame because they definitely were the best TV’s going round (although the one Dave has in the video is pretty ordinary even when new). Many people in professional video circles and movie studios are absolutely crying about their demise. It’s now up to the big manufacturers to perfect OLED TV’s because the LCD/LED technology will never be good.

      • Mike

        I think Dave might be messing with us. He was poking all around that low voltage board and I just cant see how he could miss something this obvious unless he is screwing with us. Good one Dave.

      • Zsola

        Dave, it is time to do repair videos and replace what most commenters would!
        I want to see an intercom repair too!
        Thank you very much! 😉

      • Phil Tirino

        I noticed the blown caps too and there were quite a few of them, and who knows if it would even work if he replaced them. If it was me I’d be saying “do I want to dick around with this power hog for a few hours for the off chance it might work, or should I spend a few hundred on a new LED or LCD?” It all depends what your time is worth to you. Also I know I would certainly enjoy some repair videos… I like that stuff, but Dave is usually thinking in terms of what 20,000 viewers would like.

        I enjoyed this video. I don’t have a background in EE, just math, but I learn allot from watching Dave take us through all the components on these boards.

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