EEVblog 1533 – How To Estimate Product Battery Life

How to estimate the battery life of a product. In this example, the BM786 multimeter. How to measure battery current accurately, avoiding Burden voltage, and looking at battery datasheets characteristic curves. The difference between alkaline and lithium primary batteries. If you find my videos useful you may consider supporting the EEVblog on Patreon:


00:00 – What is the battery life of the BM786 multimeter?
01:55 – DaveCAD – Linear Regulators are Constant Current loads.
03:49 – The Rohde & Schwarz NGA100 PSU is pretty schmick
05:00 – The Burden Voltage problem
06:34 – Current consumption in AC mode and backlight
07:58 – The battery cutout voltage and hysteresis
08:48 – Why do multimeters waste battery capacity?
09:21 – Alkaline Battery Datasheet time
10:06 – DC-DC Converters are Constant Power loads
12:00 – How good are Energizer Lithium batteries?
14:26 – Temperate effect on lithium batteries
15:30 – Different types of characteristic curves
16:36 – Extraporlating the curve
18:46 – Conclusion

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