EEVblog 1534 – Solar Freakin’ RAILways!

2023 brings us Solar Freakin’ RAILways! from Swiss start-up Sun-Ways A dumber idea than Solar Roadways?


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00:00 – Solar Freakin’ RAILways!
00:56 – Yes, Solar Freakin’ Roadways are STILL going!
02:53 – EVERY solar roadways startup has failed, epicly.
05:12 – Let’s watch the promo video!
09:05 – Showstoppers as far as the eye can see
10:14 – You NEVER go full Brusaw! (Melting snow!)
11:16 – Err, dust anyone?
14:23 – Let’s look at the location. Is there are a better place to put solar panels?
16:49 – The South Korean’s have a solution
17:32 – Stop it. Just stop it. But the grift is real.

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