EEVblog – Supplementary Material

Additional videos, photos, and other material that didn’t make it into the EEVblog due to editing constraints etc.

Abandoned Lab Tour

What’s left of the rented and now abandoned EEVblog Lab And why you may not see videos for a couple of weeks. Exclusive video on the lab move options: https://odysee.com/@eevblog:7/What’s-old-is-new-again.-The-Lab:4 More on the lab move: https://odysee.com/@eevblog:7/Update-28-3-2020-280×720:3

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Charity Auction

Thanks to Rigol USA there are now two Rigol DS1102E scopes up for auction, see link below. But only for the next 24 hours! A whole bunch of my gear is also going up for auction, and all proceeds are going to the NSW Cancer Council Charity Auction HERE Donate …

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Blown Ness PCB Followup

In my previous video I showed a tour of the Ness factory. What you didn’t see is my talk with the head design engineer about the blown PCB (he didn’t want to be on camera), which they had seen and promptly invited me in for the tour and talk about …

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