Miscellaneous Stuff

Nothing to really do with the EEVblog, but thought I’d share anyway.

Forum is down

Sorry, the forum went down overnight. It’s being worked on now by resident penguin gnif… UPDATE: Now fixed. It was some corrupted database tables. Not sure of the cause yet. Hopefully not posts lost. Discuss HERE

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µRuler International Deliveries

Has anyone received their rulers yet *outside* of Sweden? If so, could you please report in and if possible post a photo or let me know if it has a Swedish post mark on it like this. You can do this via twitter, this blog, Pozible comment, or this forum ...

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First international µRuler has arrived

The first mailing house envelope has arrived, in Sweeden of all places, and then Singapore: No Australia on the return address, and they said they would print a barcode but didn’t. Perhaps that delayed the delivery?

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EEVblog Q&A #1 Announcement

Submit your questions for the first EEVblog Q&A video, either in the youtube comments, blog website, or forum thead here: DO NOT comment on this video, this is for Q&A questions only. If you do I’ll delete it, and probably ban your arse for being an idiot who can’t follow ...

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