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Other Equipment & Products / Re: low flow oxy acetylene popping?
« Last post by tautech on Today at 03:08:22 am »
It's called a flashback and bloody dangerous if you haven't got a flashback arrestor fitted !
DO NOT persist with those flow and tip settings. !

Use a smaller tip and watch oxy settings are not too high.

I need to do some analysis of thermals for some rack-mount computer servers under load.

Essentially, I need to power on the server, and run some load tests - and ideally capture a video of the thermal either inside the chassis, or for the front/rear cooling vents during the test.

I've looked at something fairly cheap like the FLIR E4 - however, this only takes still images, not videos.

Is there anything that can either record video itself, or that can connect to a PC/Mac to record thermal video files?

(Not sure what a thermal video file would be like - but can you embed point temperature data somehow over time?)

Bean's gone to town but will he go to town while there ?  :-//

Beanflying, pack your stuff and orderly line yourself to the exit door... >:D
Test Equipment / Re: Test Equipment Anonymous (TEA) group therapy thread
« Last post by tautech on Today at 03:04:22 am »
Bean's gone to town but will he go to town while there ?  :-//
Other Equipment & Products / low flow oxy acetylene popping?
« Last post by coppercone2 on Today at 03:02:56 am »
Why does the torch pop when you try to do a interior weld at low flow? I noticed if I use the same 'slow' flow I use for the exterior for the interior, it pops frequently, blowing holes in metal, and I need to crank it up to a bit of a roar. Then its very stable so long I control my flame distance from the corner well.

Is the nozzle around the thread simply getting too hot from all the radiant heat, and the higher gas flow keeps the internal temperature down to prevent reaction prior to the outlet hole? If it was double jacketed and water cooled, would it still pop? Or is it just a consequence of the gas getting so hot after it leaves the nozzle that it enters some kind of fast burn regime? Is it at all related to the interior geometry of the nozzle or just pure heat?

Not a problem because I got a bigger tank, so I can avoid it, but I can't help think about it. I think maybe the process degraded as I progressed because the polished tip got dirty.. feels like it might be a good idea to stop periodically to keep it polished.

can a rocket blow up if it is ignited too close to the ground because of this kind of effect with hot gasses? (NASA)
Funnily enough, I prefer large heavy wooden cases, as it is easier to keep them silent, even when turning a couple of hundred to a few hundred watts into waste heat.

It is particularly relevant with spinning disk drives, if you have any locally.  (Use a large drive chassis with extra mass for dampening, and suspend that on foam and/or rubber, to isolate the noise they generate.)  Typical DVD-RW drives are harder to quieten.
Beginners / Re: Mustool vs Hantek scopes. Which and why.
« Last post by tautech on Today at 02:56:32 am »
Thank you :-)
Do you have any suggestions in that price range that these two are in?
Well the issue you have is data protocol analysis on that budget.
Cheap DSO's only have so many features which make it difficult to cover a good range of usage types.

I no longer stock the very basic DSO's as their feature set is somewhat limited so I have no hesitation of recommending SDS1202X-E as a very capable 2ch entry level scope.

Here's your local suppliers listing:
The ones under U4 just become the ground plane, if you look at the image with the planes.

I meant the traces going inside U4 pins, why are they crooked? & some other  traces have weird routing too, did you use auto route?
Hi Mangozac,

Nice to meet you, this is Alice from Neoden.

Except for Neoden4, we also have larger pick and place machines/SMT lines for batch production that suit your requirements.
If convenient, may I have your contact info to send more information to you?

No hesitate to contact me if you have any interests.
Skype: Alice-Neoden 

Best regards,
I second your motion!
We need a part 2 for this product’s video.

Your insightful comments  on the individual components would also be interesting.
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