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    EEVblog #853 – How A Multimeter Works

    This was supposed to be a repair video of a Fluke 17B multimeter. But embarrassingly turned into an impromptu How a Mulitmeter Works video. Dave goes through the Fluke 17B schematic and explains how stuff works. Forum HERE Teardown video HERE Thermocouple Tutorial HERE Podcast: Download

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    EEVBlog #851 – Mailbag

    Several Teardowns on today’s Mailbag Forum HERE Newsletter Signup SPOILERS Sony M-50 Discman The world’s first portable CD player. A weird Japanese pinball game machine display with huge VFD display. The Joey, a, I2C Raspberry Pi LED display board A D-Link router that has released the magic smoke. The Hack-A-Day ...

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    EEVblog #850 – French Wattway Solar Roadways BUSTED

    This time it’s France and their governments ludicrous plan to install 1000km of Solar Roadways from French road building giant Colas Wattway. Dave breaks down yet again why this is pie-in-the-sky folly. Forum HERE Also an update on the 12 months test results of the SolaRoad.nl project in the Netherlands. ...

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