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    EEVblog #937 – Retro Canon Still Camera Teardown!

    How did you take “digital” photos in the 1980’s and early 90’s? With an analog still video camera that stored images on a PAL format 2″ video floppy disks, that’s how! Enter an age before SD cards, flash memory, JPG files, and USB! A teardown of a 1991 vintage Canon ...

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    EEVblog #936 – Mailbag

    Old component bonanza Mailbag! Forum HERE SPOILERS: TI-74 BASIC pocket computer teardown from 1985 OpenMYR WiFi Motor Kickstarter Several 4-banger calculators GEZE automatic roller door controller teardown E-Book reader teardown and PCB bypassing techniques Switch & Lever EEVblog #936 - Mailbag [ 0.01 MB ] Download (5926)

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    EEVblog #935 – Solar Roadways Installation BUSTED!

    It’s finally here! The first Solar Roadways installation happened in Sandpoint Idaho after $3.9M in funding and 6.5 years of development. Does it work? Is it practical? Once again, Dave runs the numbers… Forum HERE EEVblog #935 - Solar Roadways Installation BUSTED! [ 0.01 MB ] Download (4057)

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    EEVblog #933 – Keysight U1272A EMC Issue

    A viewer found an EMC issue with the Keysight U1272A multimeter Dave confirms both conducted and coupled issues and finds some spooky action at a distance! Comparisons with other meters confirm they don’t have the same issue. Fluke 87 GSM Problem VIDEO Forum HERE EEVblog #933 - Keysight U1272A EMC ...

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