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    EEVblog #926 – Introduction To The Oscilloscope

    What is an oscilloscope? What is it useful for? How is it used? What is the difference between an old school analog and a modern digital storage oscilloscope? Rigol DS1054Z is a good basic digital scope How not to blow up your oscilloscope VIDEO Mysteries of X1 Oscilloscope Probes Revealed ...

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    EEVblog #922 – Mailbag

    More Mysterious Mailbag Forum HERE SPOILERS: Tektronix / Promax RFM90 SignalMini Receive Signal Level Meter teardown A mysterious FM receiver that transmits! RoutaBoard prototype board matrix IntegriFuse USB Protection Digilent Analog Part Kit Digilent PmodIA Impedance converter Raspberry Pi Proto Boards www.youtube.com/user/briandorey DC-AC mechanical vibrator inverter RED Digital camera battery ...

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