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  • EEVblog #669 – FLIR TG165 Thermal Imager Teardown

    Posted on October 1st, 2014 EEVblog 2 comments

    What’s inside the new FLIR TG165 Visual IR Thermometer / Thermal Camera using the new Lepton sensor?
    How does it compare to the FLIR ONE & FLIR E4?
    Does it have a calibration shutter?
    Does it have any extra capability built in ready to be hacked?
    How easy is it to open? (SPOILER – it’s a BASTARD!)

    Lepton Module


    Forum HERE
    Teardown Photos: COMING SOON

  • EEVblog #668 – Mailbag + FLIR TG165

    Posted on September 30th, 2014 EEVblog 3 comments

    Help beat Congenital Muscular Dystrophy with their Pozible campaign
    (Pozible campaign live tomorrow)

    A look at the FLIR TG-165 visual spot thermometer and (unfair) comparison with the FLIR E8 thermal camera.

    High density Mitra 125 16KB magnetic core ferrite memory from the 1970’s

    Eric LPRS low power radio modules

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  • EEVblog #667 – Agilent 6643A Power Supply Binding Post Hack

    Posted on September 27th, 2014 EEVblog 4 comments

    Dave shows how to upgrade an Agilent/Keysight 6643A/6642A/6641A system dc power supply to have front panel binding posts.
    Sense lines are added to improve the high current accuracy.
    Operation Manual HERE
    Service Manual + Schematic HERE

    Auction Score video HERE

    Forum HERE

  • How Google Plus Screws Youtube Comments

    Posted on September 25th, 2014 EEVblog 18 comments

    I’m a full time Youtube content producer, and I like responding to comments, it’s a way for me to directly interact with my audience. It’s an important thing for a content producer to be able to do. Nay, essential. To say thanks, answer a question, respond to criticism, correct something, etc.

    Yet I cannot respond to some comments on my own freaking videos, and that really pisses me off!

    Take a look at this, here is an example of a post on one of my own videos:


    Note how there is no Reply button next to the first comment. No one can reply to it, not even the video owner!

    Notice how the REPLY button is missing on the comment! It is impossible for the video owner (or anyone else) to reply to that comment.
    Well, the retarded Google+ integration with Youtube of course. To post on Youtube you must have a linked Google+ account. And in the settings menu for Google+ is an option that says “Who can comment on your public posts”.
    But because of this new fangled integration, Youtube comments count as Google+ “posts”.
    That means if you select “Only You”, which might sound like a good thing from a privacy point of view, then no one, including the video owner can reply to your comment on Youtube!

    It seems that many people are simply unaware of how this Google+ setting effects their postings on Youtube.
    Here is a DIRECT LINK to the settings page so you can change it to “Anyone”, which is what you need to do so people can reply to your comments onYoutube.


    Your Google+ settings page. You have to set this setting to “Anyone”

    So if you are wondering why I don’t respond to your comments on my videos, this could be the reason why. It’s not me, it’s a setting in your Google+ account.

    Not allowing a Youtube video owner to respond to comments on their own videos is nothing short of retarded. Google really need to fix this shit, seriously.

  • EEVblog #665 – Polar Wearlink Heart Rate Transmitter Teardown

    Posted on September 24th, 2014 EEVblog 2 comments

    Teardown Tuesday.
    Inside a Polar Wearlink chest strap fitness heart rate monitor monitor transmitter.
    Also a look at and some attempted decoding of the signal with the Tektronix MDO3000 oscilloscope.

    Polar RMCM-01 Receiver Module Datasheet
    Forum HERE